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Serving all of Owasso/Tulsa and Collinsville area. We offer same day response for service and repair of residential and business computer systems. Usually we can fix all your computer problems the same day.

  • All Work By Appointment, Please Call In Advance
  • We will pick up your lap top or tower (installation CD's if available).
  • Free Diagnose the problem as hardware or software related.
  • Free Pickup and Delivery in the Owasso Area.
  • Back up all your files, documents, pictures, favorites, etc.
  • Make all necessary repairs and upgrades.
  • Fully update and optimize the operating system for peak performance.
  • Install security software you request and settings that will prevent future problems.
  • Restore all your files, documents, pictures, favorites, etc. that were saved and backed up
  • Certified PC Technicians
  • Router Management
  • TCP/IP Management
  • Deliver your computer to you working the way it was when you originally bought it.

Licenses / Credentials:

• Certified PC Technicians
• Router Management
• TCP/IP Management
• VOIP Management

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Services Offered:

  • Troubleshoot Computer Issues, Both Hardware and Software
  • Virus and Spyware Troubleshooting and Removal
  • Make Recommendations to Speed Up Computer if Not Virus Related
  • Networking and Wi-Fi, Including All Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Upgrade Hardware and Software - Add Memory, DVD/CD Drives
  • Format and Reinstall Operating Systems/Ghosting Computer Hard Drives
  • Backup Systems and Training
  • Remote Support if Applicable
  • Offering Free Pickup and Delivery
  • VCR to DVD Conversion
Locating an Owasso Computer Repair Company you can rely on

We've all seen it before, the blue screen of death or even worse we press the power button only to get a series of beeps and then nothing. Computers can be very useful tools when they’re working correctly or extremely frustrating when they’re not. Our computers need routine maintenance to perform at their peak but no matter how well you take care of your computer, it can still break down. If you manage a company or have a home office you know how computer problems can affect productivity and ultimately your profits.

Even if you’re reasonably computer savvy you may reach a point where you have no choice but to call a professional Owasso computer repair technician for help. Computer repair has become a popular and profitable start up business and there are so many companies and individuals claiming to be the best. How do consumers know which computer repair company is really going to do the best job? To find the right Owasso computer repair company for your specific needs, you’ll need to do some research.

On Site or in the Shop Owasso Computer Repair

If you’re in need of an Owasso computer repair service, you should look for one that makes house calls. If you need your computer up and running as soon as possible you don’t want to take it out to a shop and wait days or sometimes even weeks to get it back. You can often have your computer back in service in a couple of hours or less if you call an on site repair service. You'll surely find Owasso Computer Repair Home of the Nerds to be your best option.

Obviously there will be times when the problem is beyond the scope of an onsite call and the computer will have to be taken to the shop for repairs. If you run a small business you may have all your data on the hard drive. We all know we should regularly back up our data but the truth is a lot of us don’t. We just don’t expect our computer to crash. But if it does, it can be a little scary to put your computer in the hands of someone you don’t know. It’s important to find an Owasso computer repair company that is going to be reliable at protecting the data on your hard drive as well as your privacy.

If your computer does have to head to the shop for repairs ask the Owasso computer repair service what kind of turnaround time they have. Some computer repair shops can take as long as two to three weeks to get your computer back to you. We don't. You really shouldn’t have to wait more than a day or two, and most jobs will only take a few hours. An Owasso computer repair company may have to send your computer back to the manufacturer for repairs or to have specific parts replaced. Find out if your computer can be fixed in-house or if it needs to be sent out. This can make a significant difference in how long it takes for you to get your computer back. If you can’t be without your computer for a few days you may need to shop around.

Owasso Computer Repair: Quality Technicians and Good Rates

Ask if the Owasso computer repair technician is certified to work on your specific type of computer. For a computer repair company to be good at their job, they need to be experienced at handling even the most complex repairs. Most computer manufacturers offer special certification programs for their specific computers. Having a certified Owasso computer repair service won’t guarantee that your computer will be fixed but it’s a good sign that they have the knowledge to know what’s wrong with it.

Ask about rates. An Owasso computer repair service will usually charge by the hour but a few may charge by the job. Look for a company that will give you an accurate quote before they begin the work. If your computer must be taken to the shop for repairs make sure it is their policy to contact you for approval if they find additional problems that will increase their original quote. Find out if there is a service or diagnostic fee. Some Owasso computer repair companies charge a flat service fee whether they can fix your computer or not.

Ask the Owasso computer repair company what their policy is if they can’t fix your computer. Of course it would seem logical that you shouldn’t be charged if the technician can’t fix your computer, but many companies will still charge you for their time and effort so this may be a feature you’ll want to ask about up front.

Owasso Computer Repair Guarantee

Does the Owasso computer repair company provide a guarantee on the work? Make certain you get some sort of guarantee on the repairs. If your computer still isn’t working right or it breaks down shortly after you get it back then you’re not only going to be out a lot of money but your computer still won’t be functioning. One computer repair company may offer a 30 day guarantee while another may provide as much as 6 months guarantee on their work. Some of the manufacturers of computer parts will provide additional guarantees.

So if your computer begins behaving badly by running slow, freezing up, throwing error messages at you or simply refusing to come on, it may be time to look for a qualified Owasso computer repair service. You may need to spend a little time but if you find a reliable repair company it’s going to be a very important aspect in getting your computer functioning properly again. Most Owasso computer repair companies are professionals and good at what they do. Getting one that you can rely on to do the job properly will definitely contribute to the long life of your computer.


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"I took my lap top somewhere else in town last September. When I got it back, it had more problems than when I took it in. (and it cost $79). In January, one of my desk tops got a virus and we couldn't use it at all. I really just wanted to somehow get my pictures off of it, and I was ready to trash it. I saw an ad for Ed on Facebook for $55, so I called. He fixed the computer and it runs better than ever. I also had him fix my laptop, and now it's all fixed too. Ed saved me the cost of a new computer and I will never take a computer to anyone but him again!! "

Owasso, OK

"Ed did a great job fixing our son's computer. He was able to return our computer within 24 hours so our son could start online classes as soon as possible - which helped us out so much! He went above and beyond what we expected by creating boot up disks for us just in case the computer crashed again. Ed will be the only computer guy we use from now on. We HIGHLY recommend anyone to use this computer repair service."

Owasso, OK

"Ed continued to work with me until he solved the problem with my computer - I WILL call on Ed for all of my computer questions, repairs, etc. The BEST customer service around. "

Owasso, OK